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*Super You

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By Justin Epstein

The greatest things that happen in your life are not consciously thought about or planned, like meeting a special someone, reading a life-changing book, or getting a great job.
These coincidences have to do with Super You, even though you may not know it. Through knowing your deepest, Spiritual Self, you can attain what you need to be truly happy without making jobs, relationships, health, and things the primary focus of your life.
What is Super You? What do we long for more than anything else? What will give us peace and happiness, and also whatever is necessary for our highest fulfillment?
Super You is the Spiritual Self, the place within where God is expressed as you. Your Spiritual Self is an expression of God like a wave is an expression of the ocean. The wave contains the same components as the ocean and yet is a unique manifestation.
Whatever you call the Universe God, Spirit, Source, Jehovah, Father, Mother, Allah, Brahman, the Tao, or Great Spirit this presence is everywhere and in everything, including you. You are Super You. Through knowing your true Self, you will discover your connection with the Universe and all that is in it. The Super You fulfills your highest purpose for living and is your greatest source of happiness.


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