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*The Buddha Said: Meeting the Challenge of Life's Difficulties Paperback

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Osho, one of the best-known and most provocative spiritual teachers of our time, presents The Sutra of 42 Chapters - a scripture compiled in the first century CE by a Chinese emperor. Two thousand five hundred years have passed since Buddha delivered the sutras on which this series is based. Using modern idiom, Osho extracts the kernel of Buddha's profound insight and understanding and presents his everlasting message to the contemporary listener in a manner that is lucid, straightforward, and humorous.

Osho weaves his own unique insights into this profound ancient wisdom and expands its meaning for our time, discussing the need for doubt and argument in the spiritual search, the nature of desire, and the discipline of nonattachment. As we travel with the Buddha on a path of radical wisdom, we'll laugh or shake our heads at the folly, the ineptitude, or the goodness of the characters in the stories - and gain knowledge and understanding at the same time.

Osho engages us at every level to help us experience the Buddha's teachings and take in their timeless truths. A powerful, inspirational gem of a series of talks recorded in an outdoor auditorium with several thousand people in his audience.

Chapter titles:

1. "The Most Excellent Way"
2. "No Prejudice in the Heart"
3. "Be Therefore Mindful"
4. "Living the Dhamma"
5. "The Truth Beyond Magic"
6. "The Twenty Difficult Things"
7. "In Accord with the Way"
8. "A Light unto Yourself"
9. "Reflections of Emptiness"
10. "The Discipline Beyond Discipline"
11. "Spiritual Enlightenment"
12. "Always on the Funeral Pyre"
13. "There Is Nothing Like Lust"
14. "Become a Driftwood"
15. "Just Working for Peanuts"
16. "Away with the Passions!"
17. "The Eightfold Way"
18. "Remember the Middle"
19. "The Discipline of Transcendence"
20. "The Ten Grounds of the Way"
21. "Provisions for the Journey"

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