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Elastic Bracelet 8mm Round Beads - Sacred 7

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Sacred 7 crystal is a combination of seven different minerals, each representing one of the seven major chakras in the body. Here's a breakdown of the minerals typically found in Sacred 7 crystals:

  1. Amethyst: Associated with the Crown chakra, Amethyst promotes spiritual awareness, intuition, and connection to higher consciousness.
  2. Lapis Lazuli: Corresponding to the Third Eye chakra, Lapis Lazuli enhances intuition, mental clarity, and spiritual insight.
  3. Blue Apatite: Linked to the Throat chakra, Blue Apatite encourages clear communication, self-expression, and inner clarity.
  4. Green Aventurine: Aligned with the Heart chakra, Green Aventurine promotes emotional healing, compassion, and abundance.
  5. Citrine: Corresponding to the Solar Plexus chakra, Citrine enhances confidence, personal power, and manifestation abilities.
  6. Carnelian: Associated with the Sacral chakra, Carnelian boosts creativity, passion, and vitality.
  7. Red Jasper: Linked to the Root chakra, Red Jasper provides grounding energy, stability, and a sense of security.

Together, these minerals create a harmonious blend of energies that balance and align the chakras, promote overall well-being, and support spiritual growth and transformation. Sacred 7 crystals are often used in meditation, energy healing, and chakra balancing practices to enhance vitality, clarity, and spiritual connection.


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