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The Simple Truth: Making Sense of God, Life & Other Stuff*

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By Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla

Ever wonder about yourself--who you are, how others perceive you, and your relationship to other people, to the universe, to God? (And who or what is God anyway?) Where do you fit into it all? What is your role? How do you deal with what's happening in your life? And then the one we all ask: "Why am I here?" THE SIMPLE TRUTH: Making Sense of God, Life, and Other Stuff doesn't attempt to explain the unexplainable or define the undefinable. Who can? But it does go a long way in allowing us to focus our lives in a more coherent and meaningful way. It does help us to make some sense of it all, and it accomplishes this in a fresh, warm, contemporary, lighthearted manner. Easy to relate to, the book contains lots of reader-involved features and questions enabling readers to deal with the "stuff" of their lives. Practical, inspirational and fun, THE SIMPLE TRUTH: Making Sense of God, Life, and Other Stuff is a valuable partner for the whole family looking toward a better spiritual life.

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